About Catherine

Multi-Denominational Weddings

I have a deep respect for and openness to different personal beliefs, cultures, and traditions and love to weave these different elements together into a harmonious and profoundly meaningful ceremony.

As a trained soprano, a professional storyteller and writer, and an experienced actor, I am able to use these skills to help put people at their ease (so I’m told…) and lead a ceremony that will be a lifetime memory for you.



Photo: Debra Robb Weddings

“Your wedding will be in the words and language(s) of your choice.

I will advise and support you, drawing on my extensive knowledge of these special ceremonies to make your wedding an occasion you will be thrilled to experience and always remember with happiness.”

Multi-Lingual Weddings

                                             Rob and Angel

I speak French and Italian, besides English, and have often included these languages at the couple’s request.

I am also happy to include words or greetings in the language of your choice (as long as they are transliterated and I get some help with pronunciation/if needed!).

It was a joy to listen to you. Your voice is like music.”

Laura Nashman, musician


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The couples I marry have told me they appreciate my versatility:

“You radiate such presence and have such a sense of joy.

”You wove together our Jewish and Scottish traditions to create a truly unique and memorable service.”

“People really enjoyed the way you told our story and your French was bang on!”

“An interfaith ceremony that was intimate, personal, and most importantly, meaningful to us.”

“We loved your great sense of humour and calming nature.”

“Your German was flawless and my family was highly impressed.”

“You were like part of the family.”


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