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Other Customized Ceremonies and Services—

  • Celebrations

  • Dedications

  • Renewal of Vows

  • Baby Namings

  • Handfastings

  • Betrothals

  • Anniversaries

  • Commitment Ceremonies

  • Memorials and Celebrations of Life Services

I not only officiate at weddings throughout Ontario, I am also able to provide commemoration and dedication ceremonies that are customized to meet your personal needs. I am often called to conduct such services as baby namings/dedications and renewal of vows.

These services are provided with the same careful attention to detail and personal emphasis that I apply in other areas and always start with listening carefully to what your needs are. I am then able to incorporate individual special and customized elements so that each ceremony is unique and a memory to be treasured.  Older couple reminiscing

Memorial and Other Services

Families have also asked me to conduct dedications, memorial, and celebration of life services to honour their loved ones. If you request these services, I will liaise closely with family, relatives, and others to make sure that all concerns are met. It is important that the service remembers the family member or friend in the way they and the family would wish.  Services may be conducted at any location.

Service elements are individually assessed and discussed so that the service is carefully crafted to meet your particular requirements. As the officiant, I play as much of a role—or provide quiet support—as those gathered would like.

Please contact me to discuss your needs or any questions you may have.