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Couples planning a ceremony often need to work within a set budget, but also have dreams of what their ideal wedding will entail—and this is what Custom Wedding Ceremonies will help to create.

Your ceremony is carefully crafted and polished with the personal vows, and selected elements such as special readings, that will reflect you and tell your story.

From Beaches to Ballrooms

I have united hundreds of couples in unique marriage ceremonies in many different circumstances and venues.

Custom Wedding

My fees for ceremonies depend on the scope and personalization that you require. It is important to note that all wedding ceremonies, whether simple or elaborate, take considerable time and effort during preparation. Once I know what your wedding wishes and plans are, this will help pinpoint the ceremony that will best match your needs and budget. My fees are determined by the complexity or amount of liaison needed to meet your arrangements, including the elements you’d like to incorporate.

Complex or Simple Weddings

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                      Alex and Alina

Some couples require a high level of involvement with family or in multiple languages. You may need complex arrangements or more behind-the-scenes consultations—we will discuss what is involved beforehand so that time is scheduled for this.

The Officiant Consultancy Service

My unique custom-designed ceremonies include my presence at your wedding rehearsal. I will be happy to discuss with you the option that works best with your ideas and budget.

My wedding ceremony fees compare very well with other officiant’s rates in the Greater Toronto Area—even though CWC offers such a personalized and detailed service. I provide written drafts of the ceremony, up to a maximum of three. Your changes and feedback are then taken into account and the ceremony is polished to meet the most exacting requirements.

A contract and a 50 percent deposit are needed to reserve your date and time.

Services include

  • A personal consultation with you
  • A unique, custom-crafted ceremony, created in close collaboration with you
  • A rehearsal if requested
  • Conducting the ceremony
  • Taking care of the legalities, including filing the Marriage Licence

Note: Where travel and accommodation are required, there will be additional fees.

Book the Time and Date of Your Ceremony

Please book as soon as you have the venue and the date to be sure of the time of your choice—a year is not too far in advance in some popular seasons or months for weddings. However, I am also happy to step in with short notice, if I can, so please ask.

P.S. It helps if you have some flexibility about the actual time of the ceremony, especially if you are getting married in peak wedding season between May and October or on any long weekend.

Your ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding and therefore merits special attention to make it the heart of your day.





Hiring you to perform the ceremony is the best decision we’ve ever made!

Jenny and Neil (and Mia the cat)

After our wedding, so many people commented on how wonderful you were. You kept it interesting and fun and you were everything we could have possibly hoped for in an officiant.

Ilana and Kyle


Catherine is a Licensed Officiant in Ontario, Canada.


“Once we meet, I am able to create, in close consultation with you, a unique and very special ceremony.

“It may include your story and the journey that has brought you to your wedding day, personalized, crafted vows, and readings or rituals that have special significance.  

“I weave together your meaningful traditions, values, rituals and customs and craft the ideal customized service for your dream wedding.  

“This may also include greetings or blessings that are special to you, in different languages or to reflect your cultural or family traditions.”


Ontario Customized Wedding Officiant Services
Please contact to ask Catherine to create the dream ceremony that will be the heart of your wedding.

Relying on Custom Wedding Ceremonies’ expertise and experience will help ensure your wedding ceremony surpasses expectations and becomes a memory to hold onto forever.


weddings multilingual GTA

weddings multilingual GTA

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