Blessings for your wedding-


Whether you are religious or not, whatever your faith, or if you have no faith or set of beliefs, everyone wants their marriage to be blessed, one way or another.

engagementWhether in the words of traditional religious marriage blessings – and every religion has beautiful, powerful blessings for weddings – or in blessings that make no mention of any deity, there are words to wish you health, happiness, and fulfillment in your marriage.

Best places in the ceremony for wedding blessings

I have found that there are two very good places in the ceremony to have a wedding blessing – though most couples want only one blessing per wedding ceremony! An excellent time to insert a wedding blessing is right after the welcome to the guests. You can ask someone, the officiant, or a friend or family member, to say a blessing, so that the ceremony starts with a blessing. Apart from the joy of being blessed, blessings offer another way to include others in your ceremony. It’s a good idea to make sure the person you invite to do the blessing is OK with speaking in front of people and will not be too nervous to be able to get the words out!

The other very powerful place in which to have a blessing is right after you, and the witnesses and the officiant, have signed the Register and before you are introduced as husband and wife, partners for life or whatever form of introduction you wish to have. Having someone give a blessing just before that is a beautiful way to round off the proceedings and to honour the importance and profound meaning of the wedding ceremony. And (I learned the hard way!), that trying to say a blessing after introducing you as husband and wife is a waste of breath. Nobody is going to listen. At that point, they all want to congratulate you and rejoice with you!

Types of wedding blessings

Blessings come in many forms, from traditionally religious and solemn to joyful, irreverent and modern. There are also modern interpretations of traditional blessings, very different form literal translations, but in keeping with the spirit of the older blessings. So have fun finding one that is right for you.