Guest Etiquette for Weddings

 Guest photos at weddings

Should guests take photos at the ceremony?

It is a fact of life that people take their phones with them everywhere, and find it almost impossible not to use them constantly to text, twitter, instagram, photograph, and film anything and everything. That’s fine—a lot of the time.

 What’s the etiquette on using cell phones to take photos at weddings?

However, at a wedding, it is distracting and downright rude to be so busy snapping away (and performing all sorts of other social media activities!) that you are not actually paying attention to what is happening during the ceremony. At the wedding, you should feel and be in the moment with the couple. When you’re looking through a lens… you’re not.

Taking pictures at the ceremony also interferes with the enjoyment and comfort of the other guests. And it can block the view of the proceedings if people are constantly popping out of their chairs or leaning sideways to get a good snap of the couple.

 Inconsiderate guests at weddings

I have been at weddings where the guests were so brazen, and inconsiderate, about taking photos, that they crowded to the altar and blocked the way for the bride and groom to get there, so busy were they snapping away. It was almost time to call for the crowd–control cops!

Of course, some couples and some official photographers are just fine with all this activity.

 Use good manners at the ceremony

But if they are not, and especially if they specifically request that you refrain from doing all these things during their ceremony, it is simply good manners to respect their request.

There will always be masses of opportunities to take photos and videos and to send tweets and instagrams after the ceremony and during the reception.

p.s. Many couples put disposable cameras at each table, so their guests can take candid photos during the reception, or they set up a photo booth for guests.