Telling your wedding story

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Part 1—The wedding couple’s story

Your story is unique and special. No other couple will have the same story as yours, of how you met, the course of your relationship, and the proposal. Many couples choose to share their story with their guests as part of the ceremony. There are many ways to do this.

It is usually part of the “Address to the Guests” section at the beginning of the ceremony. Some couples write out their story in full and have the officiant read it aloud, word for word as they have written it.

Tell your story 

Others send it in point form and give the officiant a certain amount of freedom in how the story is crafted. Of course, before anything is used in the ceremony, it has to have the couple’s complete approval! One of the great benefits of having your story told by the officiant is that you have total control of the contents. This is very different from the situation at your reception where, in ninety-nine cases out of 100, you do not know what is going to come out of the mouths of your speech givers… it could be terrific, or it could be embarrassing, or even inappropriate – you have to take your chances. But when you send your story, whether detailed or abridged, to the officiant, he or she can use only what you have sent, because those are the only facts he or she knows. So it’s both of you who choose what to share and what to keep to yourselves.

Sharing your story at the ceremony is also a very pleasant, and often light-hearted way, to relive the journey that has brought you to your wedding day. It is an opportunity for some of your guests to hear it for the first time. For those who already know your story, it is a chance to savour their favourite parts and share your memories. A fun approach is to write it from your respective points of view—for example, his first impression of her and her impression of him. the proposal from his point of view, the proposal from her point of view… Couples often like to include funny moments and episodes as well as more important ones. Your story can be told in detail or very concisely. It is entirely up to you.