On the Day – The Ceremony


I will arrive at the venue about half an hour before the ceremony is due to begin. I use this time to double check the exact setting for the ceremony, to confirm that any special elements (such as glasses/candles) are ready and that microphones are working. I also take this time to introduce myself to the musicians and photographers and go over cues, ground rules, and any special elements and moments in the ceremony of which they should be aware.

The Ceremony

I conduct your ceremony using the words you and I have created. I will cue all participants by name so that all the elements work together smoothly and you can relax and enjoy this memorable event.

After the Ceremony

I take with me the signed Marriage Register and the signed Marriage Licence. You keep the Record of Solemnization of Marriage, a document which comes with the package you receive when you purchase your Marriage Licence at City Hall. As an officiant, I am required to file your Licence with the Registrar of Marriage within 48 hours of the wedding.


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Carly and David, Photo: Patty Wetteyne LoveLife Photo

After Your Wedding

I will leave shortly after the ceremony. If invited, I will be pleased to toast the couple, but normally I don’t stay for the reception.


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Lights, Venue, Music, Food, Photographs, Action:

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It’s easier to plan and co-ordinate your wedding when you work with people you know to be good at what they do. I will be pleased to refer you to people and places with whom I have been impressed. Please ask.



What you should know about weddings in Ontario

The Marriage Licence and the Marriage Certificate are different. As the officiant, I submit the Licence after the ceremony. You retain the Record of Solemnization of Marriage. Then you may apply for a Marriage Certificate 90 days after you’re married.


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