The most important part of your wedding

What is the most important part of your wedding day?wedding bouquet and rings

The answer to that question is as personal and unique as each couple. Whatever answer you arrive at will impact on all the choices you make about who, what, where and when to have your wedding. It will affect everything from the ring to clothes, to budget, to the venue to the time of year and choice of a wedding officiant.

For some couples, the most important part of the wedding is declaring, in the presence of their family and friends, the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together. For these couples, who they will invite and who will be able to attend becomes extremely important.

Where should you get married?

We’ve addressed this previously, but for some couples the place they choose to get married is the most important part of the wedding– whether it is a beach, a garden, a parent’s house, their house, somewhere near, somewhere far and exotic, a restaurant, an art gallery, a nightclub, a boat.

For others, it is the time of year, especially if they want an outdoor wedding, which is the key decision when planning the wedding. Would a woodland glade, a secluded beach, a public or private garden, a waterfall, a field, a mountaintop be better in spring, summer, fall or winter?

The question of who will be in the wedding party is the most important question for others. Who to honour by inviting them to be in the wedding party? Is there anyone who they can’t offend by not inviting them to participate? How big should the wedding party be? Does there have to be an equal number of people on each side?

All about the wedding dress

For most brides, the dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. It is also usually the first thing brides choose, whether the wedding is in the next few months or the next two years. They want to be sure that the dress makes them look and feel most beautiful. Cost and comfort come a very distant second and third.

The wedding ceremony is important

For the majority of couples, the most important part of the wedding day is the ceremony. It is the ceremony that makes them married; it is the ceremony that gives them the chance to share their story with guests, to honour friends and family by inviting them to participate in readings, music, rituals or inclusion in the bridal party. And more than that, it is the ritual of the marriage that gives the couple the opportunity to create a ceremony that truly reflects who they are and what it means to be marrying each other.

This meaning and uniqueness can come through in their story, told as part of the ceremony, and in their vows, if they choose to write them themselves, as well as in the readings and rituals they choose.

 Start planning your ceremony

Once you have answered the question of what is the most important aspect of your wedding, you can start to assemble the people who will help you: friends, family, dressmaker, jeweller, photographer, wedding coordinator, and, very importantly, the officiant who can turn your idea for your ceremony into a reality.