Where are you getting married?

Choosing the right venue for your wedding

With most couples, no sooner has the proposal been made and the engagement ring put on the wedding finger, than the burning issue of when and where to get married looms. If you’re wedding venuesplanning a wedding, know that the minute you announce your engagement, absolutely everyone will want answers to those questions. They’ll also want to know the season, formal or casual, destination or … The decisions are so numerous, in every way – from choice of location, time of day, time of year, cost, formality, informality, that the whole matter can be overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions to help you focus your choices. Ask yourselves this series of questions  and you should have a much better idea of what will be the right venue, in every way, for your dream wedding.

 7 Questions to help you decide where to have your wedding

  1.  Is there a place that is very meaningful for you – such as where you first met, the location where the proposal took place, a favourite vacation spot, the family flower garden, horse farm or cottage?
  2. If there is such as place, would it make sense to get married there. Consider the ease of getting there for guests, size of the space (how many guests could comfortably fit into it?), where would out-of- town guests stay, how easy would it be to get an officiant to do the wedding? Also consider the options for catering, photography, and music—can you fulfill your wish list in this location and is it ideal>
  3. Do you want somewhere formal or informal, traditional or not – a banquet hall, country club, restaurant or bar, or your own backyard or condo party room?
  4. What size wedding do you want—a small intimate one or a larger affair with several hundred guests?
  5. What do venues for weddings cost? And to answer this, it would be worthwhile to pick a range of places and make some enquiries. A good starting point might be to contact a venue where you attended someone else’s wedding and which you really liked.
  6. You can then plug some of these numbers into your wedding budget as you begin drawing it up. This will likely, at the very least, narrow your focus on the type of place that will suit your needs best and fit what you have available to spend – e.g. restaurant versus banquet hall, friend’s garden versus country club, local versus out-of-town?
  7. If you find that the venue you have your heart set on costs more than you think you can afford, there are usually ways to make it possible. Might you consider hiring a less expensive florist or photographer, or serving less costly wines or ordering a less elaborate meal, inviting fewer guests, or buying wedding clothes that aren’t so pricey?

What’s the most important element of your wedding?

As with just about every aspect of your wedding, from budget to venue to guests to clothes to vows and officiant, it all comes down to, What is THE most important part of the wedding for you?

Once you have answered that question, everything else will start to fall into place. Every couple will have a different response. There is no right or wrong answer. Go with the wedding venue and type of wedding that feels perfect for you.