Things to Think About for Your Customized Wedding

It’s easier to plan and co-ordinate your wedding when you work with people you know to be good at what they do. Catherine Kentridge can refer you to people and places with whom she has been impressed. Please just ask if you need any recommendations.


The Ceremony

Once you’ve firmed up ideas for your wedding, Catherine will send you a draft written ceremony, which you will go through with her to help ensure your day reflects your wishes in every way.

The draft may include personalized vows, readings, greetings for guests, any special elements, and the schedule. It may also include the story of how you met and what happened next—this is often a much-appreciated part of the ceremony.

The Rehearsalwedding vow renewal decorations for a ceremony

A wedding rehearsal is always a good idea.  It helps with the flow of the ceremony and gives you an accurate idea of how long everything takes.

Rehearsals help you know what to expect and get over your nerves. It also gives you the chance to have your wedding ceremony twice!

Timing of the Wedding Rehearsal

Most couples book a rehearsal for one or two days before the ceremony.

Ideally, the rehearsal should be at the venue and as close to the time of day as the actual ceremony as possible. This is especially important for outdoor weddings so you can be sure no one is squinting into the sun during the ceremony—especially not the two of you!

This is your first chance to see, hear, and feel how your ceremony will unfold. Most venues are happy to let you rehearse on the Thursday before a Saturday wedding.

Jessica and Brent

We were looking to find an officiant who would make our wedding ceremony be special, be unique, grab the attention of our guests, and most importantly speak to our hearts. Catherine was the perfect choice! Side-note… we asked Catherine to announce an extra surprise to our guests… that we were expecting a child! We trusted her that much, that we knew she would deliver this news with the perfect touch-- The crowd roared! Thank you Catherine for contributing so beautifully to one of the best days of our lives

Jessica and Brent - Toronto
Tanya and Andrew

The memories of our wedding day will forever be a reminder of our love for each other. We were happy that you could provide us the opportunity to share our love with our guests in such an intimate ceremony.

Tanya and Andrew - Toronto
Michelle and Kevin

You were fantastic and the ceremony was absolutely magical. We couldn't have picked a better person to conduct it with such warmth and sincerity.

Michelle and Kevin - Essex UK
Jess and Brent

Thank you once again for delivering such a perfect ceremony on Saturday!! You have no idea how many people approached us and were raving about how wonderful you were!

Jess and Brent - Toronto
Carly and Ben

Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us at such a late hour! We both felt that you were a perfect fit for us, even after a quick 30 minute chat. We loved your energy, your knowledge, and your beliefs/attitudes towards the wedding day. You have the perfect blend of formality and lightheartedness that we were looking for (and your love of cats sealed the deal!).

Carly and Ben - Toronto
Steffi and Kersti

Your German was flawless and my family was highly impressed!

Steffi and Kersti - Toronto
Jenny and Neil (and Mia the cat)

Hiring you to perform the ceremony is the best decision we’ve ever made!

Jenny and Neil (and Mia the cat) - Toronto
Ilana and Kyle 2

After our wedding, so many people commented on how wonderful you were. You kept it interesting and fun and you were everything we could have possibly hoped for in an officiant.

Ilana and Kyle - Markham, Ontario
Nicole and Ben

People really enjoyed the way you told our story and your French was bang on!

Nicole and Ben - Toronto
Ilana and Kyle

Catherine was so wonderful that we’ve already had people ask for her contact information so she can do weddings for their relatives.

Ilana and Kyle - Markham, Ontario
Elisabeth and Behzad

You are not only such a professional, but so warm, a lovely speaker, and did such an amazing job of customizing everything to our unique needs. I can’t tell you how many people remarked on just how wonderful a job you did.

Elisabeth and Behzad - Toronto
Alicia and Jarel

We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful officiating of our marriage. We continue to receive praise for our ceremony. It was all we could have imagined, hoped and dreamed.

Alicia and Jarel - Toronto
Janet and Jeremy

It was a pleasure working with you to create an interfaith ceremony that was intimate, personal, and most importantly, meaningful to us. We are so happy as we reminisce about our special day.

Janet and Jeremy - Toronto
Shaun and Kate

We were so thrilled with how it all turned out and felt that the ceremony you scripted for us was perfect. Your command of the audience was excellent and your suggestions really made for the perfect wedding.

Shaun and Kate - Toronto
Frederick F.

At very short notice Catherine Kentridge agreed to come to our home and marry us in front of a couple dozen close friends. She was well-prepared, kind, and professional. I could not recommend her more highly.

Frederick F. - Toronto
Kim and Paul

You were like part of the family.

Kim and Paul - Toronto
Laura Nashman

It was a joy to listen to you. Your voice is like music.

Laura Nashman - Toronto
Meital and Rino

What a beautiful, elegant wedding. We are so glad we found you. You were just perfect for our ceremony.

Meital and Rino - Mississauga, GTA
Aunt at Seline and Paul’s Wedding

What a lovely ceremony. You are a natural for this. You have such presence and radiate such a sense of joy. And your accent is to die for!

Aunt at Seline and Paul’s Wedding - Mount Albert, Ontario
Kersti and Steffi

We have received so many compliments on the beautiful way the ceremony was set up.

Kersti and Steffi - Toronto
Kate and Travis

You are a lovely speaker and a true professional—your guidance and advice on creating a custom ceremony was greatly appreciated! You were a delight to work with!

Kate and Travis- Farm Wedding, Ontario
Whitney and Scott

Thank you for giving us the wedding we had dreamed of for eight years. It was perfect!

Whitney and Scott - Toronto

Marriage Licence

As long as you are getting married in Ontario, you can obtain your Marriage Licence from any City Hall in the province, regardless of the actual location of your wedding. Applying for the licence is a process that you are required to do on your own. You will be able to obtain it within 90 days of the planned date of the wedding (but not before 90 days).

Many couples like to provide their Marriage Licence ahead of time so that Catherine can bring it to the ceremony; it is also then one less thing for you to worry about on the day.

About the Legalities

We sign the Marriage Licence during your ceremony and Catherine will mail it to the Registrar. If you would like a Marriage Certificate, you apply for this yourself not less than 90 days after the ceremony.


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